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Trailer Trash Tracys: A Shoegazer's Dream

Trailer Trash Tracys.
Courtesy of the artist
Trailer Trash Tracys.

"Candy Girl," from Trailer Trash Tracys' debut album Ester, sounds like a shoegazer's modern take on Berlin's "Take My Breath Away" — the song that soundtracked the makeout scene in Top Gun. Both tracks share a similar pace and constant beating snare, but Trailer Trash Tracys' members diverge from the '80s hit by throwing in a ton of fuzz, reverb and depression. "It's 7 o'clock and my heartbeat stops, my candy girl," Suzanne Aztoria sings, her voice detached to the point where she seems sedated.

An ode to guitarist Jimmy Lee's late sister, "Candy Girl" feels plenty melancholy, but it also demonstrates the awesome power of a killer song: With the help of music blogs, the track helped Trailer Trash Tracys score a label deal and a big tour with The xx. Fortunately, while "Candy Girl" hits especially hard, every song on Esther is touching, revealing and intimate — cool, but still beautiful.

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Y. Roman Lojko