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Poolside Party: '70s Jazz With A Splash Of Funk

When the mercury rises, few can resist the temptation of instant cool. What's better than relaxing at the pool? The options from there are many and fluid, depending on the level of public or private access: You can baste your skin in jojoba under intense UV rays, read a book on the floating deck chair, mix a slushy fruit cocktail at the wet bar, take a dip, don the floaties or make a cannonball run from the platform. Or, for that matter, just inflate a kiddie splasher and douse yourself with the garden hose.

No matter what you choose, you're going to need musical accompaniment -- preferably something that steers clear of the typical Jimmy Buffett and Beach Boys mix. How about some jazz? Not the heady stuff, unless you're aiming to clear the decks. Instead, get yourself some deep '70s jazz; the kind that leaves a funk aroma and washes off easily when you take the plunge.

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Josh Jackson is the associate general manager for content at WRTI in Philadelphia.