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Entries We Love: Zaxai, 'I Won't Let You Go'

Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.

Pairs well with: A heart ready for second-chance romance

Everyone makes mistakes in relationships. For this Tiny Desk Contest entrant, what matters most is a person's ability to clearly examine their role in a conflict and commit to making things right. This track by Zaxai is a really intriguing meditation on betrayal, wherein he asks his partner to forgive themself for their wrongdoing. Zaxai's powerful vocals are reassuring, begging his partner to understand how much he believes in them and the relationship they share. "I believe in you / Now that my mind is clear / No I won't let you go," he sings with searing sincerity. I only wish that all second-chance romances could feel this honest and healing.

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Cat Sposato