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Songs We Love: Sufjan Stevens, 'A Little Lost'

The tribute album <em>Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell</em> is out October 21.
Courtesy of Yep Roc Records
The tribute album Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell is out October 21.

Sufjan Stevens' take on Arthur Russell's "A Little Lost" is from the upcoming tribute album to the late New York cellist and composer, Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell.

Arthur Russell released only a few beloved records before he died in 1992. But Russell also wrote and produced many songs in a wide variety of genres that have trickled out since his death. Now the AIDS awareness organization Red Hot has put together a two-disc tribute album featuring covers of Russell's songs by musicians like Robyn, Glen Hansard, Hot Chip and more. Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell is out October 21 via Red Hot and Yep Roc.

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