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Polly Rhythm, the Feathered Prima Donna

Polly Rhythm with composer Bruce Adolphe.
Polly Rhythm with composer Bruce Adolphe.

Every week on Performance Today, composer Bruce Adolphe drops by with a musical challenge for NPR's name-that-composer quiz, Piano Puzzler. This week, instead of a puzzle, Adolphe introduces us to another musical member of his family -- his 37-year-old parrot, Polly Rhythm.

With lungs that even the most powerful soprano would envy, Polly can mimic and sing opera. NPR's Fred Child listens in as Polly sings along with the Queen of the Night's aria from Mozart's The Magic Flute.

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Bruce Adolphe
A composer, author, educator, and performer, Bruce Adolphe is the artistic and education advisor for the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, founding creative director of PollyRhythm Productions, and the comic keyboard quiz-master of Piano Puzzlers, heard weekly in over 200 cities nationwide.